What is Residential Care?

Residential care homes provide residential accommodations, food services, personal care assistance and supportive assistance to its residents. Residents are ambulatory* and do not routinely require skilled nursing care or intermediate care. Areas of care include assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, housekeeping, meals prepared and served, and storage, distribution and administration of medications.

*Ambulatory means any resident who is capable of self-movement, including in and out of wheelchairs. (A one-person assist is allowable.)

Our Mission

To create a family setting through harmony, peace, security and a safe environment for all. To instill trust from our residents through our attitudes and actions, and to afford to all residents and staff the highest level of care, dignity, confidentiality and professionalism.


  • Over 12 years family experience in dementia and resident care.

  • Highest staff to resident ratio (1:5)

  • Licensed by State of Oklahoma, Department of Health (5 beds.)

  • Member, Oklahoma Residential Assisted Living Association, Alzheimer's Association and Bethany Chamber of Commerce.

  • Physician & R.N. Consultants.

  • Caring, skilled and certified caregivers.

  • Medication Administration Technician.

  • 24-hour staff, seven days a week.

  • Comfortable living room with TV.

  • Dining room with fireplace.

  • Relaxing sunroom with stereo.

  • Handicapped equipped bathrooms.

  • Private or shared bedrooms.

  • Greenhouse and gardening.

  • All housekeeping services.

  • Personal hygiene supplies.

  • Three nutritious home cooked meals and snacks daily.

  • 24-hour monitored Brinks Security.

  • All inclusive monthly rates dependent upon level of care needs.

  • Incontinence management included.

  • Recognized by Long Term Care Insurance and Veterans Aid and Assistance.

  • Respite Care also available.


Winston S. Lewis, B.A.,

Community Relations




Skylark Cottage

2020 N Council Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73127


fax 405.603.6165


Brenda Packard Lewis, MAT Administrator/Owner

Who Benefits from Residential Care?

Persons who...

  • would thrive in a small facility and benefit from social interactions to improve overall functioning.

  • may not feel safe at home, need daily supervision.

  • may need meals prepared and served.

  • may need assistance with personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

  • may need medication reminders or someone to administer medications.

  • may have normal mental functioning or mild confusion or may show early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.